Cody Masden and Cody Cantarella founded RidgeLine Roofing & Designs to provide quality commercial and residential roofing services to local markets and clients. With eight years of experience managing complex projects and teams in the industry, our partners offer professional roofing services using the latest technologies and innovations with a focus on customer satisfaction. "The Codys" are lifelong friends, whose friendship is rooted in faith, family, and roofing. Their journey has taken them in different directions in education and career, but their paths brought them back together under one roof. With their collective professional experience, they wanted to create a roofing company of their own that's better than the competition. RidgeLine is built on the foundation of traditional values with a 21st-century commitment to service-each client is treated as an extended family member.

Our Trusted Partners

Our partners are powered with a strong warranty backing, providing you with years of worry-free coverage. We work with: